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Buying Natural Diamonds
Jewelry Store in Houston

The best way to buy natural diamonds in Houston is to schedule an appointment with our diamond specialists or call Sethi’s Fine Jewelry store directly at 713-789-3359.

Our specialists are ready to help you find the perfect match for your tastes, all within your budget.  Let us know what shape of stone you prefer or want to compare and provide an idea of your budget.



How to Find the Perfect Natural Diamond

When you want to find the perfect natural diamond, it’s important to know the shape you want. There is a broad range of shapes available to choose from, so narrowing that down is a great way to start.

Next, it’s important to understand your budget. This allows our specialists to identify the best choices within your price range. Once we understand your style and budget preferences, we sort through our loose diamonds. Houston clients often find that there is a perfect balance to strike between the 4 C’s: color, carat, cut, and clarity.

To strike this balance, it’s important to compare stones in person, side by side. Ultimately, one stone, in particular, is sure to catch your eye. Moreover, our specialists are there to help you every step of the way.

Loose Natural Diamonds in Houston

We provide a stunning selection of loose natural diamonds, all certified and sure to impress. As jewelers, we seek to honor the shape and anatomy of every stone we work with. When you need to find loose diamonds, Houston knows to shop with Sethi’s.

When you want to find natural diamonds in Houston, TX, Sethi’s Fine Jewelry is your destination. At our fine jewelry store, our clients know us for our vast inventory of stunning jewelry and loose natural diamonds.

Sethi’s Fine Jewelry is a well-respected store in the Galleria area of Houston. With our experience and expertise, we stand above the rest, offering excellence in customer service.


You’ll Find Every Style at Sethi’s Fine Jewelry

Sethi’s offers a full array of styles, from contemporary to the timeless classics.


A solitaire engagement ring is a timeless setting that will never go out of style. It highlights the center stone for a classic appeal.


A pavé engagement setting adds petite diamond accents across the band to bring extra brilliance to the ring.


Gemstone engagement rings feature precious gemstones that offer unique character and eye-catching colors.


Vintage-inspired engagement rings provide an heirloom style with a custom twist.


A halo frames your center stone with a sparkling diamond halo.

Three Stone

The three-stone engagement ring features two side stones that frame the center stone.

After visiting several well-known jewelers in Houston, … I was comforted by the professionalism, stated qualifications, knowledge and confident capability demonstrated by their (Sethi’s Fine Jewelry) staff. Upon delivery of the final hand-crafted product I was completely astonished by the quality of the creation and dazzling characteristics of the diamonds provided. The product quality, time of production and value combined with the price unbelievable incredible beauty of the new setting resulted in an absolute masterpiece. They have us as customers for life. With sincere thanks and appreciation.

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