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Emerald Cut
Diamond Ring

Emerald cut diamond rings feature a classic diamond shape that traces all the way to the 16th century. At Sethi’s Fine Jewelry, we have a beautiful selection of diamond rings available to make your proposal perfect.

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Discover the Elegance of Emerald-Cut Diamond

The term “emerald cut” was originally applied to the cutting of emerald gemstones but evolved into a remarkable option for diamonds. With its step-cut design, an emerald-shaped diamond presents a captivating departure from the traditional round-cut stone.

The distinctive facets of emerald diamonds, characterized by rectilinear lines, accentuate the stone’s natural clarity, creating a mesmerizing prismatic reflection akin to a staircase or house of mirrors illusion. At Sethi’s Fine Jewelry, we understand the importance of selecting a high-quality stone, especially with this cut, as it does not mask imperfections. Fortunately, our collection boasts an extensive range of loose diamonds, ensuring you find the perfect match for your style, taste, and budget.

Our specialty lies in crafting custom jewelry, including engagement rings tailored to your preferences.Â

What is the Difference Between Emerald Cut and Asscher cut?


The main difference lies in their facet structures. While both are step cuts, emerald cuts have elongated, rectangular facets with cropped corners, creating a more open and geometric appearance. On the other hand, Asscher cuts are square with deeply cut corners, featuring a smaller table and larger facets, resulting in a more intricate and mirrored effect. Additionally, Asscher cuts often possess more brilliance due to their higher crown and pavilion facets. These distinctions influence the overall aesthetic and appeal of each cut, catering to different preferences and styles in jewelry design.


You’ll Find Every Style at Sethi’s Fine Jewelry

Sethi’s offers a full array of styles, from contemporary to the timeless classics.


A solitaire engagement ring is a timeless setting that will never go out of style. It highlights the center stone for a classic appeal.


A pavé engagement setting adds petite diamond accents across the band to bring extra brilliance to the ring.


Gemstone engagement rings feature precious gemstones that offer unique character and eye-catching colors.


Vintage-inspired engagement rings provide an heirloom style with a custom twist.


A halo frames your center stone with a sparkling diamond halo.

Three Stone

The three-stone engagement ring features two side stones that frame the center stone.

Amazing jewelry store that went out of their way to ensure I had the perfect custom
engagement ring. Everyone was so helpful and guided us through the entire process. Would recommend over and over.

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Nitish and his team are fantastic! After purchasing my wife’s engagement ring from him years ago, I have returned for many fine jewelry accessories for her in the years since. Sethi’s features a great selection of top brands and can custom design any piece you want. Very knowledgeble jewelry experts in the showroom, fair prices and outstanding client service. Most trustworthy jeweler in town.

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