How do you match a wedding band to yourengagement ring? While the engagement ring deserves the spotlight as you head towards your wedding day, no one wants to forget the wedding band. It has the important task to complete the bridal look.

After all, an engagement ring symbolizes commitment and promise while the wedding ring is a symbol of your union. It’s already a challenging task to find an engagement ring to embody your unique style while still feeling timeless. How do you match a wedding band to such a unique object?

Where do you even start? Below, we cover a few tips for how to match a wedding band to your engagement ring.

How to Pair Wedding Rings with Engagement Rings

One question we often hear is “which wedding band looks best with my engagement ring?” As with your engagement ring, your wedding band is something you wear daily. It should reflect your personal style.

When you work with our jewelry experts, we help you narrow down your options to find a style that fits you and your budget. Whether you opt for a stacked or nested look, we have a stunning selection to view.

Moreover, our specialists are always happy to lend their expertise. We even offer private viewings to help you have the space you need to breathe.

How to Combine a Unique Pair

First, as you match a wedding band to your engagement ring, you need to see whether they sit flush.


Oftentimes, classic styles are designed to sit flush against straight bands. With an elevated head, your center stone sits delicately above the band.

This offers you a straightforward option to pair styles for a close fit. Additionally, many of our engagement rings are part of a matched, stylized set. As such, they include a wedding band designed to coordinate both in style and function.

However, if your engagement ring has an elaborate design or a fancy shape in the center stone, you may require a custom wedding band. At our Houston jewelry store, we offer customized, personalized jewelry to suit your needs. We are always happy to help you explore more personal options.

Contoured Bands

Additionally, contoured bands are a lovely option that allows the band to sit flush against an engagement ring. This style is designed to match the curvature of the other ring. Oftentimes, that means the shape follows the contours of the engagement ring on one side while the other side is straight.

This design works well with a range of styles. Moreover, it adds a contemporary twist to the bridal set.

Mix or Match Metals

Typically, people select a wedding band that is the same type of metal as the engagement ring. However, mixed-metal sets continue to grow in popularity. If you mix yellow, white, and rose gold, it creates a quite stunning combination.

Let Your Style Guide You

While there are many modern traditions to match a wedding band to your engagement ring, many couples make their own traditions. When a straight wedding ring or contoured band doesn’t work, some opt to wear their rings on separate hands.

Alternatively, some brides opt for more than two rings in a bridal set. Still, others wear rings with a slight gap. Each approach allows the distinct features of the rings to gain individual attention.

Do They Have to Match?

While it’s common to want to match a wedding band to your engagement ring, there are no rules. How closely your band matches the engagement ring is up to you. While some prefer a matched set, some may want to be more playful with their style and choices.

Styles & Types of Wedding Bands

Once you determine your metal and how you want to wear your rings, your next step is to find the right style for your wedding band. There are five common choices for wedding band styles.

  • Classic: This is a timeless choice for any bridal look. You might choose a diamond eternity band or a solid metal band. Either way, they have an effortless style likely to sit flush with your engagement ring.
  • Contoured: A contoured band embraces the uniqueness of your engagement ring.
  • Notched: A notched wedding band is completely straight. However, it boasts a notch that allows the two rings to fit together like a puzzle, which is a lovely symbol for many couples.
  • Diamond Accents: A wedding band with a unique accent is a distinctive option. When you select a classic engagement ring, this is a great opportunity to add extra personality to a bridal set.

Match a Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring with a Specialist

Do you have questions about how to match a wedding band to your engagement ring? Schedule an appointment with a jewelry specialist at our Houston jewelry store! Our team is always ready to help you showcase your style.