Fashion is a funny thing. It is always changing, never stagnant. It is also timeless—today’s trends are usually throwbacks to your mom’s high school days. It is ever-evolving and yet a beautiful constant. And everything is in.

Feeling bold? Add a pop of color to your ensemble. Feeling simply sophisticated? Add some diamond studs to your business suit and call it a day.

Chances are that this month’s jewelry trend was also popular in another decade, once upon a time. You’ve heard it all – “pearls aren’t just for your grandmother anymore,” “hoops for days”… You know the deal. That’s the best part about accessories! Yesterday’s trends are today’s throwback. And who doesn’t love a good throw back?

But how are you supposed to keep up with what everyone is doing these days? That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the most current trends you won’t want to miss, from chains to hoops and bangles to tennis bracelets. Sethi’s has it all, and we’ve put it right at your finger-tips. Don’t miss out on this jewelry trend guide!

Chains for Days

The most popular jewelry trend right now is the big clunky chains. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound too glamorous. But picture this: a flowy white top, that perfect pair of skinny jeans, and a thick hold chain to pull it all together. Add a pair of heels and your favorite clutch and boom, you’re ready for a night on the town.

Hoops, Hoops, Hoops

One accessory that is never going out of style is the hoop. From the 70s flower child to the early 2000s, this trend is timeless for a reason. This is actually a trend that originated withAncient Egyptians!

These pair nicely with just about anything. And they are all so different! Gold, silver, thick, thin. You name it, there’s a hoop for it. The thicker the better. Wear them with jeans, dresses, or even a business suit. You can never go wrong.

Bangles Are the Angle

Speaking of 90s trends, whatever happened to a good ole fashioned handful of clanking bracelets? Nothing, they’re still around! While they may be a little less colorful today, a sophisticated set of silver or gold bangles can go a long way. You can find bracelets that emulate the look of bangles without the hassle of individual bracelets.

Gems, the Brighter the Better

Perhaps the newest jewelry trend of them all is using different jewels and gems instead of diamonds! Color is the key, and the more misshapen the better. Women everywhere are opting out of diamonds and instead choosing long chains with funky gems on the end. This is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit, and making even the simplest, most sophisticated look just a little more fun.

Get Low

Perhaps the biggest difference in trends that separate us from past decades is our inclination to ditch the necklace and opt into the long, flowing jewelry. Whether that be dangling earrings or a long necklace that settles just right, longer is better when it comes to accessories these days.

You Know the Trends… Now What?

Now that you’re educated and ready to take on the fashion world by storm, make a stop bySethi’s for everything you need to match the jewelry trend of the day. Don’t miss out.