Opal, an absolutely stunning gem, is the birthstone for October. Filled with a rich brilliance, opal likely derives its name from “Opallios,” which is Greek for “to see a change in color.” Some people contend opal roots trace back to India and the Sanskrit word “upala,” which means “precious stone.”

For centuries, many people worldwide thought opal possessed certain powers and positive attributes. The Romans, for instance, considered it a symbol of love and referred to it as the “Cupid Stone.” Even today, some folks believe opals can deliver passion and romance to your life. For others, opals serve as a symbol of truth, hope, and purity.

Opals add a kaleidoscope of hues to fine jewelry as the light dances on the structural imperfections. The unique array of colors distinguishes the October birthstone from other birthstones. Customizable to your style, opals can be crafted for a wide range of fine jewelry, from earrings to pendant necklaces.

How and Where Do Opals Form?

 opal jewelry

Opals form when water containing silica deposits accumulates in underground cavities between rock layers. As the water evaporates, solid silica deposits remain and form opal as they become encased in the rock.

Australia was the first to commercially mine opal, and the country quickly became the primary source of the gem. However, many other areas produce a broad range of styles of these stones.

● Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia, produces fine black opals.

● Ethiopia has orange, yellow, and white opals.

● Mexico produces yellow, orange, and reddish-orange opals.

● Brazil, Honduras, Central Europe, Indonesia, and the United States also provide other forms of opals.

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Opals stand out among other precious gemstones. Each stone features distinct character, far more than any other gem. So, when you want to find something special for the October baby in your life, let our jewelry experts guide you through our incredible selection of opal jewelry.

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