Memorableengagement photos help a moment last a lifetime. As couples pop the question, they look for ideas to make their engagement photos stunning, flattering, and memorable. To help spark your inspiration, we put together some helpful tips for engagement photos to treasure all your life.

Say “cheese!”

Find the Right Light

When you want to craft memorable engagement photos, look for natural light. “Golden Hour” is that time when the sun sits low in the sky during a sunrise or right before it sets. This time offers up a flattering golden light that makes you glow.

Moreover, it looks absolutely stunning in photos.

While it might not seem ideal, moody, overcast days also make for some wonderful pictures. Cloudy skies often offer a bright, clean light that illuminates without you having to squint in the sunlight.

Embrace Those Candid Captures

Oftentimes, some of the most memorable engagement photos are the candid ones. They’re those moments when you laugh together, flirt, or look at each other more than the camera. Ask your photographer to capture a few candid moments in addition to the staged shots.

That lets them know you feel comfortable with a few sneaky shots of you and your partner. It also opens up so many natural moments between the posed shots.

Today, these candid captures are more and more popular. In some cases, people even have a photographer hide nearby to capture moments during the proposal itself. This helps you capture the real reaction the moment you pop the question.

Show Off the Ring

When it comes to engagement photos, it’s important to showcase your relationship as well as the ring. However, many couples try to get photos that include the ring as a symbol of their love and commitment.

A shot of you holding hands with the ring pointed toward the camera is a great option. Alternatively, you might highlight the ring as the focus as the two of you embrace. There are plenty of great ways to include your ring in the picture while maintaining a natural, romantic moment.

Embrace Your Natural Habitat

Some of the most memorable engagement photos don’t have to go fully glamorous. Think about some of your favorite places to spend time together. Even when it’s as simple as going to your favorite burger joint, the natural enjoyment emanates from the pictures.

While professional photos help to immortalize special moments in your lives, they can still be lighthearted and fun. Moreover, the more unique your photos, the more memorable they are!

Coordinate Color But Don’t Match Perfectly

For some couples, it’s tempting to match outfits perfectly with your partner. However, we often find that subtle coordination is more effective for memorable engagement photos. Consider accessories in the same color as your partner’s dress or suit.

Alternatively, you might opt for colors that complement your partner’s ensemble. Today, it’s easy to find color wheels online to find which colors complement one another.

If your mind is set on something similar, try to mix things up with a pattern or contrasting accessory.

Props Don’t Have to Be Hokey

If you aren’t comfortable in front of a camera, engagement pictures somethings feel a bit awkward. What do you do with your arms?!

In these cases, your memorable engagement photos might include a few props. They don’t have to be anything standout, though. Instead, consider a calm activity for you and your partner to enjoy.

Then, the photographer floats around and snaps a few shots as you enjoy your time together. Find an activity you like to do together. It could be as simple as a visit to a nice dessert shop.

Where We First Met

As you consider the location, think about a place that has meaning to your history together. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your milestone with memorable engagement photos.

One of the most meaningful places you can go is to one of your firsts. Whether it’s your first date or where you first met, it adds a special touch to your photos.

Make Memorable Engagement Photos Sparkle with the Right Engagement Ring

The most important thing to do for memorable engagement pictures is to relax and enjoy the experience. These photo sessions should never stress you and your partner out.

As you highlight your relationship and your milestone, remember that Sethi’s Fine Jewelry is always here to make moments more memorable. Visit our store today to shop for engagement rings, wedding bands, and more.