Affordableengagement rings are no myth – unlike the idea you have to spend two months of your salary. When you want to find the perfect engagement ring, the price is often a priority.

While that old adage rings through people’s heads, it’s simply not a practical option for many people today. Instead, it’s better to find something that you and your partner both love – within a comfortable budget.

Below, we cover a few helpful tips to help new shoppers budget for the perfect engagement ring.

Research Affordable Engagement Ring Options

This guide is a good first step, but there’s a little more you can do. If you have a style in mind, do some research about average costs. This helps you set your expectations long before you stride into the store.

Of course, it’s clear that a ring with a largediamond is going to cost more. Additionally, some precious metals cost more than others. Generally, this depends on a host of different factors, such as rarity and durability.

As you consider your budget for an affordable engagement ring, look into long-term care as well as the initial price. For instance, platinum is more expensive than white gold upfront. However, it also requires less maintenance and is naturally hypoallergenic. That means it might still be a good choice overall.

With a few simple internet searches, you start to gain a foundation for what to expect. At Sethi’s Fine Jewelry, we strive to provide a low-pressure environment to help customers manage their expectations and stay within budget.

As jewelry experts, we offer a range of information to help you find the perfect ring for your perfect match. Schedule a video consultation or visit us in-store today!

What Are the “Musts” of Your Engagement Ring?

Everyone has personal preferences and priorities when it comes to an engagement ring. As you search through affordable engagement rings, draft a list of the characteristics most important to you. Then, separate out a list of areas up for compromise.

For instance, a bit of color in a diamond is less visible in a warm-toned setting. So, with the right setting, you don’t need to go all-out on the diamond.

Additionally, many couples compromise on the clarity of a diamond. Small inclusions are hard to notice in certain cuts because the style reflects light. Due to this, some diamonds that state inclusions in the paperwork look perfectly clean to the naked eye.

However, the cut is something you typically don’t want to compromise on. Overall, this determines the beauty and brilliance of a stone. As you put together your list of “musts,” talk to your partner about what matters most to them.

That’s always a good place to start.

Sparkle from Different Angles

Often, couples want the center diamond to be a showstopper. As you look at affordable engagement rings, consider the setting. This is one way to craft a dazzling ring with a setting that adds to the overall sparkle.

  • Halo rings
  • Pavé set bands
  • Three-stone rings

    These add more brilliance to an engagement ring and make a modest stone more impactful. In particular, halos create an illusion that makes the main diamond appear larger.

    Additionally,unique details such as a twisting band or engraving build the visual interest and beauty of a ring without a significant increase in cost.

    Offset the Size of the Diamond

    As you shop for a diamond, look for carat weights that are close to but just below whole numbers.

    For instance, a 0.96 ct oval diamond looks quite similar to a 1 ct oval diamond. However, it generally costs less.

    This unit of measurement accounts for weight, not length or dimension. As such, slight offsets in carat weight help us craft affordable engagement rings because two diamonds look essentially identical.

    Consider a Touch of “Fancy”

    Above, we mentioned that carat measures weight, not dimension. Consider body types. Two people might weigh the same on the scale.

    However, they still look entirely different due to their height and natural shape. The same is true for precious stones. When you opt for a “fancy” shape, the diamond holds its weight quite differently.

    Consider elongated shapes like ovals, pears, marquise, and elongated radiant diamonds. These shapes cause the diamond to appear to take up more space than a round diamond with a similar carat.

    If you have more questions about cuts and carat in affordable engagement rings, feel free to stop by our store and talk to our jewelry experts.

    Gemstone Engagement Rings

    When it comes to affordable engagement rings, gemstones are a popular, beautiful choice. Typically, they cost significantly less than diamonds of comparable size. This makes them a wonderful choice for an engagement ring on a budget.

    However, it’s important to select a stone that remains hard and durable enough for daily wear. While opals and moonstones are popular, these are soft stones. As such, they function better in fashion rings more than engagement rings.

    For a more durable and beautiful choice, jewelers often recommend rubies, sapphires, and moissanites.

    Engagement Rings with No Center Stone

    For affordable engagement rings that are a little less traditional, some couples opt for a diamond band without a center stone. Here are a few examples of this style.

    • Eternity rings
    • Diamond bands
    • Five-stone rings

      All of these options offer a luxurious, stylish look without the added cost of a center stone. Some couples prefer this because the lack of a raised stone reduces the risk of snagging.

      Moreover, this style stacks flush with other bands more easily. That makes them a lovely addition to wedding bands and anniversary rings.

      Choose a Payment Plan

      As with any large purchase, it’s normal to break up the cost instead of dropping the full amount at once. When it comes to affordable engagement rings, it’s a good idea to consider financing and payment plans.

      At Sethi’s Fine Jewelry, we offer financing to help reduce the stress and financial burden of the purchase. As you search for affordable engagement rings, it’s still important to find what suits you and your partner.

      Jewelers Houston Trusts for Affordable Engagement Rings

      At our Houston jewelry store, we strive to help people find the perfect ring for their partners. When you want to work within a budget, our expert jewelers help you understand your options. Overall, we want your experience to be stress-free.

      When you want to find the perfect engagement ring, schedule a consultation with our team.