Pairing an oval or pear-shaped engagement ring with a wedding band can be pure sophistication. It mirrors our different love stories, yet maintains the innate spark of these diamond cuts. Both the oval and pear pairings have been a favorite of couples for momentous weddings that simply changed their lives.

Packed with elegance and attention-catching attributes, pear-shaped engagement rings have long been in the spot of fame for their non-traditional beauty. This elongated and gem-look-like design fits perfectly for those individuals who have shorter fingers as this diamond shape can make the finger look taller with details that bring out the brilliance.

However, matching a pear-shaped engagement ring with a wedding band can be tricky and disastrous when done with a poor choice of bands. A few considerations like band material or stone choices can play a key role.

Sharing the popularity of pear-shaped engagement rings are oval engagement rings. In recent decades, the spark of this diamond cut offers a drastic variation of traditional engagement rings. An oval cut diamond in the ring presents a more fresh and modern look that’s truly flattering to the hands. Even when using a smaller oval stone, the correct pairing of a smaller stone band can accentuate the appearance of the center diamond.

Both oval and pear-shaped engagement rings, when matched with the proper wedding band, can reflect a look that will be flattering on the hand and convey timeless beauty. If you are looking for the perfect match for your pear or oval diamond cut, the simplified guide below will help.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

Remember, the oval diamond in the center of the engagement ring, when paired with wedding bands, must receive supporting power from the band. You don’t want the stones in the band to overpower the innate glamor of the oval stone, but simply to compliment it. To avoid overpowering your oval stone, follow the tips below in choosing a band.

Sethi's Fine Jewelry Oval Shaped Engagement Ring

Setting Is Key. The setting of your oval engagement ring is simply the surrounding parts of the engagement ring that holds the diamond at the center. When the engagement ring band has observable features like stones around it, it’s better to meet this with consistency by choosing a band with stones as well. Or when it provides a metallic look, finding a band with a similar match will be the best choice.

Keep Shape In Mind.Looking at an oval-cut diamond, our eyes can easily see its round and elongated features. These are the fundamentals of its shape. When looking for a wedding band that will sit beside this ring, the best choice is the band that follows this shape. Adding round stones or any shape with no sharp ends along the wedding band will uphold the elegance of the center stone.

Styles Offer Options.Choosing a specific style for the wedding band of an oval engagement ring can risk overpowering the beauty of an oval diamond. But a well-thought-out choice can also be a good match. A variety of style options await you like pave, vintage, stackable, etc. Choose one that aligns with your preference but always remember to make sure your band compliments the natural features of the engagement ring.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

Matching a pear-shaped engagement ring with a wedding band that compliments rather than detracts from it is another tricky task. The following tips from the experts of Sethi’s Fine Jewelry can walk you through the process of finding the best pairing.

Sethi's Fine Jewelry Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Imagine The Final Look.Begin with imagining how your ring looks in the end. Consider your specific preferences like whether you want the diamond to shine as the center of the piece or you want it to look as an equal element in the overall design. This will eventually widen your understanding of the options you’ll have for wedding bands along the way.

Choose The Right Metal.Remember, the metal in your wedding band will have a great effect on the look of your design so much. In looking at the options of metal available, start in trusting the color of the diamond. When looking at it, focus on the visible single color that it projects and align the metal choice to it. Also, a slimmer metal will give space around the diamond and not overpower the center stone.

Always Go Back To Settings.A pear cut diamond comes with varied settings that can help you decide the best wedding band. The variations may include solitaire, pave, or halo which factors can help dictate the settings. In application, you can utilize this in deciding what wedding band with stones will be a good pair, making it consistent with the settings.

Find Your Personal Guide at Sethi’s Fine Jewelry

In the end, no one can go wrong when guided by an expert. Our top recommendation is to seek professional advice from experienced people in the jewelry and engagement ring business. Whether we are matching an oval or pear-shaped engagement ring with a wedding band, you will find a person you can trust in Sethi’s Fine Jewelry. We give you clear perspectives on the metal to use and the rules for elegance when pairing.

Our store is also equipped with wide options of matched engagement rings with wedding bands so you can choose from our expertly crafted designs. Visit Sethi’s Fine Jewelry today!