We’re happy to show you our selection of 30 of the best two-toned engagement ring designs. Finding the perfect engagement ring for that special someone can be difficult, and you’ll want to make their ring worthwhile. It’s our privilege to help you in your search and provide all the details you’ll need to make your final choice.

Remember, when opting for custom jewelry, be sure to picture what you like beforehand, start early, and be sure to work with a highly recommended jeweler with your best interest at heart.

Unique Rings for a Personal Touch

We have multiple guides for various tailored options available to you. We have details on Celtic, Double Band, moissanite, and many more. However, choosing a unique ring will require out-of-the-box thinking.

A unique ring design may include different squares or hexagons. Perhaps an emerald or more round cut may be viable. Other clients have enjoyed designs such as these.

Incorporating these ideas along with special engravements or two-toned metals is possible for most engagement rings.

Alternative Gemstones & Metals

Perhaps you’ll want something that really stands out such as the aforementioned moissanite ring. Maybe a black diamond would make a real statement or maybe meteorite bands. We even hold 19 gothic rings available to view.

As explained, all special orders come with a detailed guide on what to do to obtain something so rare and beautiful for the big question.

A Modern Twist on Classics With Custom Jewelry

When imagining your engagement ring, sometimes certain shapes and designs may come to mind. Oval, emerald, pear, process cuts, you name it. Currently, 9 different engagement ring trends are going on concerning band ring styles, petite side stones, yellow gold, etc.

We have available to browse over 36 Trillion-shaped engagement rings to view and enjoy. Trillion-cut rings are triangle-shaped stones usually used as side stones. Plenty of wonderful styles to invest in and declare your personal winner.

Custom Jewelry Houston Loves

We’ve been operating for 86 years now and contain over 10,000 articles offering our readers the detailed and authentic advice they need to plan their momentous occasion.

Through our network of industry experts and jewelers, we’ve helped plenty of customers in Houston and beyond by providing great shopping and budgeting tips wherever necessary. Ring size, where to buy one, and the best price for one are all within our wheelhouse for anyone in the market for one.

Please feel free to ask any questions either pressing or out of curiosity. Our job is to teach you the best route to take based on your needs. We always commit ourselves and we’re happy to keep you in the loop on all the updated trends and ideas to broaden your scope in possibilities and accessibility.

Is there anything you would like to know or understand better? Come and contact us. We’re happy to hear from new clients and support them on their journey in any way we can.

Let’s create the perfect ring for you and your loved one to remember forever.